Gizmo Toys


Design an e-commerce website for a fictional toy store, Gizmo Toys.


Gizmo Toys is a local northwest store that sells toys which promote a healthy balance between play and developmental growth in the young child. The following is the company’s mission statement:

Embrace fun! We, at Gizmo Toys, believe play is the best way to inspire a love of learning. By providing a wide variety of eccentric toys, we can encourage growth through exploration and creativity, all under the guise of a good time. Our toys stimulate development in color and letter recognition, small and large motor skills, creative thinking, social skills, and much more. More than that, our hearts warm at the thought of all the smiles our toys bring to households across the country (and, dare we say, the world?!). Come play with us!


The existing logo was nice and quirky, but the client wanted to add a little more playfulness to their brand. I refined the logotype and emphasized the off-kilter 'z' with a pop of lime green. Because Gizmo is a toy store, I decided to add a toy jack for the dot of the 'i'. This icon also gets used for the Wishlist and the snow animation for the seasonal ad on the homepage. The color palette is fun and quirky, but has a modern feel to it. I offered many points of user interaction and selection, while also controlling the direction by hierarchy and call to action links and buttons.